It’s 2021 and Gordon Ramsay is making pathetic jokes at the expense of a lesbian couple

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay massively missed the mark as he attempted to banter with a lesbian couple on his new BBC game show, Bank Balance.

The foul-mouthed celebrity chef is attempting to branch out of the kitchen as host of the 10-part quiz, which debuted Wednesday (24 February).

But his first foray into game show hosting could be his last after a cringe-worthy exchange with gay couple Lindsey and Vicki, who own an online pet shop together.

Ramsay played nice as they stumbled though questions about music, money and children’s authors, but when the topic of birds came up he just couldn’t help himself.

Turning to the pair, he asked: “Have you ever eaten a bird?”

As the audience began to giggle at the obvious innuendo, Vicki gingerly replied: “A long time ago.”

But Ramsay continued to draw out the toe-curlingly awkward moment, going on to list a range of birds that people like to enjoy eating. “Oh no, don’t do that!” Lindsey begged.

“I love vegetarians and vegans!” the chef added belatedly, perhaps realising he’d been a little too crass.

It seems his awkward jokes left viewers unimpressed as the primetime quiz show managed to lose more than a million viewers in just two days.

When the show first aired around 2.7 million people tuned in, but by its Friday instalment (26 February) that figure had slumped to 1.6 million.

The game sees players answer questions to earn gold blocks which are then stacked on a balancing board – a format many viewers say is too complicated.

Others complain the show is a carbon copy of Channel 4’s Million Pound Drop, which launched in 2010 with Davina McCall as host.

BBC insiders insist the 54-year-old chef appeals to younger audiences, despite his falling ratings.

But a source at a rival broadcaster told the Mirror that putting Gordon Ramsay in the primetime slot presents problems. “Even if they wanted to stick Ramsay in an earlier slot their hands are tied because of the swearing,” they said.

“You can’t be impressed with those numbers for 9pm on BBC1.”