Tenet movie: how to watch Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film in the UK on Amazon Prime and iTunes

John David Washington stars in Tenet. (YouTube)

Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie Tenet has arrived on Amazon Prime Video at a bargain price.

Tenet has officially been released digitally, becoming available as part of an Amazon Prime Video subscription in some countries, while UK viewers can rent the movie for just £2.49 from Amazon and iTunes.

The movie was delayed a number of times before finally having a theatrical release in the UK and US in August 2020, one of the few films that managed to appear in cinemas.

It became one of the highest-grossing films of the year but due to its limited global release during the pandemic the huge movie didn’t manage to break even at the box office.

The film stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine and Elizabeth Debicki and follows a protagonist who is armed with only one word – Tenet.

The secret agent learns to manipulate the flow of time in an attempt to prevent an attack from the future that threatens to annihilate the present world.

If you’re planning to give Tenet at a watch at some point, you may need to have subtitles on as there’s been some mixed responses to the film’s sound quality.

Upon its limited release in cinemas, a number of movie-goers tweeted their thoughts about the often inaudible dialogue from the characters.

There was some debate as to whether it was an issue with cinemas or it was a style of ‘realism’ Nolan was aiming for like in previous film Interstellar.

So maybe have your remote at the ready to add subtitles after pressing play, just in case…

How to stream Tenet

If you want to give Christopher Nolan’s latest film a watch then it’s available to rent for £2.49/$5.99 or buy for £9.99/$19.99 in the UK and US from Amazon and iTunes.

Meanwhile it’s available as part of an Amazon Prime Video subscription in some regions. To find out more go to Amazon here.

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