Streamer Disguised Toast banned from Twitch for failing to censor homophobic slur used against him

Disguised Toast

Streamer Disguised Toast has had his Twitch account suspended for failing to censor a clip.

Jeremy Wang, known as Toast for short, revealed the ban on his Twitter account for “unmoderated hateful content”.

Twitch did not specify the exact content, but the Canadian streamer acknowledged in a subsequent tweet that a clip with a toxic player he played while streaming was likely the cause.

The clip was from a compilation of salty PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) players, one of which calls Disguised Toast a homophobic slur as he’s criticised for camping.

The clip can be seen below, but be warned of offensive language.

Disguised Toast played the clip uncensored and, while he laughed off the abuse at the time, noted in his tweet he will “try to be more careful in the future”.

He shared the news on Twitter on 25 April and the ban was thought to have been three days as is standard, meaning his account is suspended and content cannot be watched.

A ban means fellow Twitch streamers are also unable to appear on other streamer’s content, or they will be seen to be undermining the ban.

However, it appears his channel is already back online from today (26 April), which his 1.9million followers will be glad to hear.

The Twitch suspension is unlikely to affect Toast too much as he is signed to Facebook Gaming, where he has almost 1.5million followers and rarely streams on Twitch.

On YouTube, meanwhile, he has almost 3.5million followers.

It’s safe to say he’s one of the most popular streamers, regularly playing the likes of Among Us, Valorant and League of Legends.

His fans were shocked at the ban, demanding Twitch consider the context of the clip.

However, while Disguised Toast may have been the recipient of the shocking language, with such a huge following he arguably has a responsibility to censor that content.