Moss Bros launches new monthly subscription service in bid to be the ‘Netflix of clothing’

Moss Bros is launching a monthly subscription service so customers can rent casual and formalwear.

Moss Bros has launched a monthly subscription service for renting outfits, aimed at helping customers be more sustainable.

The suit and formalwear retailer Moss Bros hopes its new service can be the “Netflix of clothing” in a bid to move away from fast fashion culture.

The subscription “Moss Box” will cost £65 per month with customers able to choose two items from casual to formalwear to wear as much as they want or use unlimited swaps.

Shoppers can choose from more than 180 products including tailoring, waistcoats, jeans, shorts, jumpers, chinos and other essentials from a number of brands.

If there’s something that a customer has rented that Moss Bros calls “a keeper”, then they have the option to buy it for up to 50 per cent off the retail price.


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The chief executive of Moss Bros, Brian Brick says: “I felt there was a generation coming through that didn’t want to gather and collect things.

“I thought if people didn’t own their wardrobe but revolve it, would that be something they wanted?”.

He added that the pandemic has seen a shift from fast fashion culture towards sustainable fashion, with shoppers looking to be more aware of what they’re purchasing.

“I think the biggest change is going to be from fast fashion to slow fashion. I think this whole fast fashion is going to be beaten back by sustainability”, he says.

It follows up H&M’s new service which it a free suit rental called One/Second/Suit where customers are able to rent a suit for a 24-hour period, with an aim to help those attending job interviews.

The service from Moss Bros is thought to be the first of its kind for men in the UK, but they expect to see department stores including John Lewis, Selfridges and Harrods follow suit.

It comes as the company moves away from it traditional formalwear and into the casual market, as a new dress-down culture is likely to be seen when people return to offices.

To find out more about the subscription service and to shop Moss Bros go to the website here.

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