Twitch streamer Alinity files police report after fans show up at her house: ‘So f**king scary’

Alinity Twitch streamer

A Twitch streamer was forced to call the police when fans arrived at her home during her stream.

Fans were outside the home of Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon and messaged her details about her home in chat while she was streaming.

Mogollon has since confirmed she’s in contact with the police about the incident.

“Showing up at a content creator’s house is considered harassment. I do not tolerate this and will be contacting the police and an incident report will be filed,” she wrote on Twitter.

This kind of behaviour is invasive, deeply disturbing and a form of harassment.

She later followed up to say she was ok.

“I’m fine, I was pretty shaken up. It was just a bunch of bored children that thought it would be funny?”

In response to replies on Twitter, she said: “I was streaming and they were saying things in my chat about them being outside my window, while describing the color of my home. So f**king scary.”

It’s not clear how many turned up at Mogollon’s home or who they were, but the streamer is now working with the police to resolve the situation.

Mogollon, aka Alinity, is hugely popular on Twitch with 1.3million followers. She can usually be found doing “Just Chatting” streams and playing Apex Legends.

Unfortunately, many streamers receive hate and harassment. Another popular streamer, Valkyrae, recently admitted she’d considered quitting streaming due to the amount of hate she’d received on social media.

“I don’t want to live this way for the rest of my life. It’s so creepy sometimes,” she said.

“Social media fame is not really fulfilling… it’s incredibly invasive.”

A recent survey claimed that 59% of women hide their gender when playing online due to the harassment they receive.

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