Resident Evil: Village DLC confirmed and new Re: Verse multiplayer deathmatch mode gets release date

Resident Evil RE:Verse

Resident Evil RE:Verse, the online multiplayer title, will be live next month.

Announced at Capcom’s E3 showing, the multiplayer game will be free to download for anyone who owns Resident Evil Village.

It looks like a fun addition to the main game, where players can go head to head with their favourite Resident Evil heroes and villains from across the series.

What’s more, DLC is now in development for Village, though the content is unknown. Fingers crossed it’ll give us a fresh look at the four lords – Lady Dimitrescu in particular, following her popularity with fans.

Elsewhere, the Capcom E3 presentation had a big focus on Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will release on the Nintendo Switch on 9 July and a new trailer shed more light on the story.

Unlike the main series, Wings of Ruin is a story-based RPG with an anime aesthetic that sees the protagonist linking up with monster companions rather than fighting them.

The trailer also gives a glimpse at the turn-based battles, which feature the usual Monster Hunter elements like varying weapons and breaking monster parts.

A free trial version launches on Switch on 25 June, with your progress carrying over to the full game.

There’s also crossover content between Wings of Ruin and Monster Hunter Rise, like a Palico buddy and new armour and costumes.

Plus new event quests are coming to Monster Hunter Rise from 24 June, with more collaborations with other Capcom titles due later in the year.

Lastly, Capcom announced The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is due out on 27 June.

The package contains two Ace Attorney games previously only available in Japan. Gameplay is similar to the popular Phoenix Wright court case games, but here you’ll play as lawyer Ryunosuke Naruhodo in stories across 19th Century Japan and England.

To watch the full Capcom presentation, including an update on Capcom Esports, check out the video below.

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