Resident Evil Village steps on Dead by Daylight as the most viewed horror game on Twitch

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village was the most watched horror game on Twitch last month, beating the likes of Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia.

In May, the latest in the series reached 48 million hours viewed, hitting the top 10 most watched games overall on Twitch.

Fittingly, there’s now a Resident Evil crossover in Dead by Daylight.

However, Resident Evil Village still lags far behind those at the top: Grand Theft Auto V (250 million hours), League of Legends (168 million hours), and Valorant (95 million hours).

The most watched category overall, however, is Just Chatting with 279 million hours in May.

In fact, Just Chatting has been the number one category for the past year.

That signifies the way content on the platform has diversified away from gaming, much of which is categorised as Just Chatting – including the controversial hot tub streams.

These latest stats are from Stream Elements, investigating the growth of both Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

In May, Twitch reached a new milestone of 2.2 billion hours watched in one month. 

Twitch views have also grown 37% in the last year. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to stay indoors during lockdown, Twitch has proven to be a key source of entertainment for many.

Facebook Gaming, meanwhile, has seen 23% growth in the last year, with May hitting 419 million hours – just behind its record of 439 million hours in January.

Despite the growth of LGBT+ content on Twitch, the most viewed streamers in May were straight men.

That includes xQcOW (39 million hours), Gaules (15 million), Shroud (13 million), Auronplay (12 million) and Ibai (11 million).

All of the top ten most viewed streamers focus on the games in the top 10, with Grand Theft Auto V by far the most popular. So there is clear correlation between the most viewed games and streamers, dominated by a small pool.

What’s also significant is the number of Spanish speaking streamers in the top 10 most viewed, such as Gaules, Auronplay and Ibai.

Twitch might be a US platform owned by Amazon, but it’s by no means all English speaking.

Check out the full stats here.

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