SNL’s Kate McKinnon terrorises Billie Eilish in darkly hilarious killer Christmas sketch

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon and Billie Eilish in the Lonely Christmas advert

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon and Billie Eilish shared an important warning for those thinking of inviting strangers over for Christmas dinner in a darkly funny sketch.

Poking fun at adverts which usually feature young teens doing something kind for elderly people in their local area, the terrifying SNL sketch reminded viewers to make sure they get to know more about their new friends before getting too close.

The pre-taped sketch, titled “Lonely Christmas Ad”, saw McKinnon make her long-awaited return for season 47 as Eilish, 19, hosted the famous late-night comedy show on Saturday (11 December).

The short began with a sensitive teen (Eilish) noticing that her lonely neighbour (McKinnon) is eating a sad meal while looking at a picture of her dead husband.

This prompts the teen to invite the elderly lady to dinner – using notepads, in a nod to Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me music video.

Things immediately took a very unexpected turn when the lady asked inappropriate questions such as whether they would be “any Black people” or “Jews” there.

Eilish’s character became more and more horrified as McKinnon’s old lady then revealed that all her family members were “dead” to her because they voted for a “woman president”.

She then revealed she has a “sick” son (Mikey Day), who she forcibly injects with a giant needle of “medication”.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more twisted, the old lady proceeded to flash her young neighbour.

Saturday Night Live stars Kate McKinnon and Mickey Day

Saturday Night Live stars Kate McKinnon and Mickey Day in a sketch (YouTube/NBC)

She then wrote an ominous message insisting that she did not kill her husband, but a woman named Margaret did. Her son then clarified that “she is Margaret”.

Unsurprisingly, Eilish then ran away from the window to stop her mother from allowing the old lady into their home.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the twisted sketch as one wrote: “This one escalated nicely. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. Nice job by the writers and the performers, plus the ironic use of music just sold it.”

Another wrote: “These SNL skits where they take really, really dark turns are where they excel.”

“This is one of the darkest digital sketches they have done and I’m all for it. ??,” one added.

A message at the end of the clip read: “Next door… Know thy neighbour before you love thy neighbour”.