Stranger Things actor comes out swinging for Mike and Will romance

Will and Mike in the back seat of a car. Mike is looking at the camera, covering his mouth and holding back tears

Stranger Things star Brett Gelman has come out swinging for a Mike and Will romance, but only under one condition – that “Blyer is for Blyer”.

Gelman’s support for ‘Byler’ – the name created by the fandom for the Mike and Will ‘ship’ – comes after Noah Schnapp confirmed his character Will Byers is gay and in love with Mike Wheeler.

Schnapp said Will’s feelings for Mike were “always kind of there”.

Gelman, who plays the eclectic Murray Bauman, jumped onto Twitter to give his two cents.

Bret Gelman expressed support for the Will and Mike ship on Stranger Things. (Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The actor tweeted to his 177,000 followers: “I am for Byler if Byler is for Byler. If it’s a match then it should be so. I’m not for Byler if Mike isn’t for it because then Will gets hurt. And I also don’t want El to have a broken heart. But if Byler is what is meant to be then I ship Byler BIG TIME!!!”

The tweet amassed more than 70,000 likes, however some fans weren’t happy with Gelman’s support.

One commented: “I hope this is a pure fan service tweet and nothing else. I really hope the show won’t go through with this, throwing the core and development of all the characters mentioned throughout four seasons out the window.”

A few bigots said Gelman himself must be gay, to which he responded ever so eloquently.

“It’s pretty pathetic that all you little homophobes think calling me gay is an insult,” the actor said. “It’s a compliment. So thank you. I ship love in whatever form it takes baby. And y’all who don’t. Maybe you’re scared to look at something.”

Fans were quick to praise Gelman’s support of the LGBTQ+ community, with one writing: “Brett really just said ‘blyer is real deal with it’.”

In a follow-up tweet, Gelman also expressed support for Eleven and Mike, who have been Stranger Things’ resident lovebirds since season one.

“Let me be clear that I also ship Eleven and Mike, he said. “If that’s what’s meant to be. Regardless I hope Will finds love as well as love for himself and who he really is. No one should feel ashamed for who they are and who they love.”

Some fans raised the point that Stranger Things is set in the 1980s, a time period when society was not as welcoming to queer folk.

One said: “This is the 1980s though, not our 2020s way of thinking.”

Another user countered this argument with the simple fact that LGBTQ+ people existed in the 80s, and that a love story between Will and Mike wouldn’t be too far fetched.

“Gay people existed in the ’80s, don’t be so dense. This is also a show about a whole mirror dimension of a town in America with a bald girl with powers. Things don’t need to be completely realistic to the real ’80s. Y’all just pick and choose what’s okay for the show,” they wrote.

As fans await the final season of Stranger Things many wait with baited breath to see how the love story will unravel.