Mother explains how nine-year-old trans kid was ‘doxxed’ by vile hate forum Kiwi Farms

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A mother has opened up about her nine-year-old trans child being ‘doxxed’ by Kiwi Farms users.

The controversial forum Kiwi Farms was reluctantly taken offline by host Cloudflare on Saturday (3 September) following a campaign led by trans streamer Clara Sorrenti, better known as Keffals.

Kiwi Farms and its users were accused of involvement in some of the most notorious harassment campaigns towards members of the LGBTQ+ community in recent years.

This reportedly included targeting US mother Debi Jackson and her trans child when they were just nine-years-old.

Posting on Twitter, trans activist Jackson explained: “My [nine-year-old] trans child was so proud and confident that they ended up on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. It was the ‘gender revolution!’ But within days, we were doxxed on Kiwi Farms.”

Doxxing refers to the act of leaking the private information of an individual or group to the public without their consent. It is often used as an intimidation tactic and can lead to in-person abuse.

“The kind and gentle folks who call themselves Kiwi Farmers decided that I was a groomer paedophile and that Avery would only be ‘safe’ if they exposed our full names, addresses, cell phone numbers, places of work, etc. ‘to protect the children’ dontchaknow,” Jackson continued.

She explained she received a Google alert notification about the information leak and described her fear of watching several cars stop in front of her house during an ice storm when her city “was essentially shut down”.

“Our kids were nine and 10. It was past their bedtime, but they noticed that mum and dad were still up and talking an awful lot,” Jackson continued. “We were on the phone with everyone we could think of. What do we do? How do we stop this? The cars in front of our house…”

Jackson eventually contacted local police, who directed her to the FBI cyber crimes unit. Things became difficult, however, as one of Kiwi Farms’ main draws was the anonymity afforded to users, and Jackson said arrests were difficult because the “URL is registered in one state, the hosting is in another”.

Jackson then described her growing fears as “hundreds of stories” about the incident appeared across the globe.

“MY CHILD WAS NINE,” she emphasised. “They bragged in the thread that I ‘must be watching’ so they wanted to elevate things for me to read. So many comments about driving me to suicide… for my child’s benefit.”

She eventually turned to Google, which helped removing Kiwi Farms pages from search results relating to their victims.

“I regularly search our names… Just to be sure. I still don’t see [Kiwi Farms] pages,” Jackson said. “Avery is just 15. More than a third of Avery’s life has been lived in the shadows of Kiwi Farms terrorism. My bright and confident kid withered away, decided that being a proud and public trans kid ruined their life, and didn’t even want to acknowledge being trans anymore.”

“But now, things have changed,” she continued. “I’m going to get my kid back. That’s it, that’s the point of this thread. I’m going to get my bright and shining, confident and happy kid back. I honestly don’t even know how to end this, because I’m crying too much.

“I HAVE MY CHILD AGAIN!” Jackson exclaimed.