Liz Truss’ government labelled ‘most right-wing in modern history’ by Lib Dem leader

Liz Truss in front of blue arrows moving right

Liberal Democrats leader Ed Davey has slammed Liz Truss’ new Conservative government as the “most right-wing” in modern history.

Davey issued a warning ahead of Friday’s (23 September) mini budget, which will be delivered by chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, aiming to tackle the rocketing cost of living in the UK.

He criticised Truss’ recent defence of tax cuts that will disproportionately help richer people, arguing they are based on “a fabrication of right-wing economists”.

“She is saying some of the most extraordinary ideological things. She has appointed probably the most right-wing government in modern history. And it seems completely out of touch,” he told The Guardian.

In the hunt for economic growth, Kwarteng is expected to reveal tax cuts of between £30bn and 50bn on Friday. These could include the cancellation of a planned rise in corporation tax from 19 per cent to 25 per cent.

Many LGBTQ+ people are already at a financial disadvantage. Gay and lesbian people in Britain earn less on average and are somewhat more likely to experience poverty than their straight peers, researchers have found. They’re also more likely to receive income support, housing welfare and council tax subsidies.

Who’s in Liz Truss’ government?

Truss’ cabinet is dominated by ministers who have voted against LGBTQ+ rights – and not a single queer Conservative MP, despite the party having 26 openly LGBTQ+ MPs. Her appointments indicate the Tories are committed to so-called ‘anti-woke’ rhetoric.

Perhaps one of the most concerning appointments is Thérèse Coffey as health secretary and deputy prime minister.

The devout Catholic has consistently voted against same-sex marriage, and is against abortion, while Truss’ chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has also voted against same-sex marriage.

Home secretary Suella Braverman has sparked concern among the LGBTQ+ community as she has tried to stop Scotland from reforming its gender recognition laws.

She has also baselessly claimed schools are “indoctrinating children” and that teachers are “socially transitioning” pupils.

In one of her first moves as prime minister, Truss is reportedly trying to stop Scotland from introducing self-identification for trans people.

Government ‘completely out of touch’

The Lib Dem leader said Truss’ government has an economic plan shaped by ideology rather than evidence, and that the decision to style Friday’s announcement as a “fiscal event” rather than a budget was aimed at preventing the the Independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) scrutinising its impact.

“The failure to have an OBR assessment shows the economy is being run by ideology, not a plan,” he said.

“They clearly don’t want the evidence, because that would be unhelpful to their argument. And that should trouble everybody.”

He recalled “lifelong Conservatives” being alarmed at former prime minister Boris Johnson’s “deceit and dishonesty”. Davey said those same people will be “even more alarmed at the disregard of facts and evidence by this government, and the fact they are playing fast and loose with our economy.”

Davey believes Truss diverging from Johnson’s policies means she had no proper mandate. 

“I think Conservative MPs need to look in the mirror, and look in their conscience.””

“They were elected on a different manifesto. Just months ago they were voting for completely the opposite policies. I really hope they will find it in them to oppose this sharp swing to the right.

“It’s genuinely worrying for the country. These are difficult times and you want calm, stable, evidence-based politics. And we’re not getting that.”