Brutish parents demand teacher be fired simply because they’re non-binary. No, seriously

pro-LGBTQ+ protestors marching for trans inclusion in schools.

A group of parents have ridiculously called for a teacher to be fired just because they are non-binary.

The Medford school board in South Oregon heard absurd complaints from several people on Thursday (22 September) about a first-grade teacher at Griffin Creek Elementary school who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Several local community members told the board that preferred pronouns and the very concept of gender identity were somehow not suitable for first graders.

Complainers included a “concerned grandparent” who told the board to “go back to basics” and another resident who admitted his child did not even attend this or any public school.

“It naturally raises questions and encourages questions on the topic, and many parents want these conversations to be had at home and not at school,” one of the attendees said. “My wife and I want our children to attend traditional public school, and issues like this are why they do not.

“if children are being asked to use preferred pronouns, are they also being informed that they have a right under the First Amendment to not use preferred pronouns?” the attendee bafflingly continued.

Another parent named John Furnish made further ridiculous claims that going to the meeting to complain was somehow a service to his country.

“It’s easy to be a keyboard hero, but actually to come out in public and say what you mean and stay and fight for that, that’s what I’ve done for my country, and that’s what I’m doing here for my kids.”

Unfortunately for Furnish, there is not presently a service medal in the US for complaining about pronouns.

The board is reportedly ‘already aware’ of complaints

According to the board’s chair Suzanne Messer – who had to warn parents about making faculty complaints during open sessions – these complaints have spanned over several months.

“The board is aware there is an ongoing discussion of that matter with district administrators, parents, and other community members,” she said.

The board emphasised that the meeting was specifically for “objective criticism of district operations and programs” and not a time to make comments about “specific personal matters, including identifying details and names.”

Currently, Title IX forbids discrimination based on sex. No teacher or student can “be subjected to discrimination under any education program” no matter how desperately the anti-LGBTQ+ attendees want to stop their children from using a common component of spoken English.

Southern Oregon Pride organiser Gina DuQueene took the time to commend the anonymous non-binary teacher, saying: “I hope we see more diversity in our classrooms, we need that so, so much.

“I would really suggest these people who are protesting, they educate themselves and get with the program. We are coming out, we’ve been out and we’re not going away.”