Teacher sacked for refusing to use trans pupil’s correct pronouns takes legal action

Teacher holding up a book in front of her class of elementary school kids sitting on the floor in a classroom

After being sacked for refusing to use an eight-year-old pupil’s correct pronouns, a primary school teacher has decided to take legal action against Nottinghamshire County Council.

The Christian teacher’s employment tribunal claim states unfair dismissal and religious discrimination, despite countless studies having shown that using people’s correct pronouns can literally save lives.

“Teachers are being bullied not to question trans-affirming policies when evidence shows that the actual result of the approach is to put the welfare of children at serious risk,” the claim states, as reported in the Telegraph.

Contrary to her comments, a 2020 study published in The Lancet Public Health found that trans people who have ID that correctly recognises their gender have better mental health outcomes.

Meanwhile, a 2023 survey confirmed what we already knew: the majority of adults who have transitioned say it made them more satisfied with their lives.

The teacher, who cannot be named and is backed by the Christian Legal Centre, was sacked for gross misconduct after sharing the child’s information with her lawyers two years ago.

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This alleged confidentiality breach was reported by the school to the Teacher Regulation agency, meaning the teacher could face a lifelong ban from teaching. 

Why was the teacher sacked? 

After being asked by the school to refer to a male trans student by the correct pronouns, and ensure he uses the boys’ toilet and changing rooms, the teacher raised safeguarding concerns with the school. 

This led to the school informing her that the student would be moved to a different class “to safeguard him from any potential harm”. 

The teacher claims that the school informed her that acting on her “personal beliefs” could result in “a direct breach of GDPR and an act of direct discrimination”.

Following this, the teacher claimed she was suspended and put under disciplinary investigation for “ongoing refusal to follow a management instruction”. 

After the investigation was lifted, the teacher promised to avoid “unnecessary contact with the child and avoid using their name and gender-affirming pronouns”, the Telegraph reported.

Teacher claims social transition is risk to children’s health and welfare

But she then raised further safeguarding concerns with the school’s governors and local authority.

Both the school’s governors and local authority dismissed her complaint, which included accusations that scientific evidence showed allowing kids to socially transition “carries significant risks for their health and welfare”.

Social transitioning is when someone lives their life as their authentic self. It can include adopting new pronouns, style and clothes and does not involve any medical treatment.

The Department for Education said it couldn’t comment on individual cases, but added that the education secretary, Gillian Keegan, is working with the minister for women and equalities, Kemi Badenoch, to provide guidance based on how to handle pupils who are questioning their gender. 

“We expect schools to carefully consider their approach to these matters, to ensure that they take the right decision from the point of view of safeguarding children, accounting for parents’ views and those of medical experts where relevant,” a spokesperson said.