Drag Race UK star Pixie Polite on breaking the show’s ‘Brighton curse’

Pixie Polite from Drag Race UK. (World of Wonder_BBC_Guy Levy)

As RuPaul’s Drag Race UK enters its second week with one queen already eliminated, Pixie Polite has reflected on how she successfully broke the show’s supposed “Brighton curse”.

In two previous seasons, the first queen to be eliminated from the show has been a Brighton-based performer.

Joe Black was the first to leave season two (although later returned briefly) and Anubis Finch sashayed away in episode one of the third season – both are from the seaside town.

Of course, in the lead up to the 2022 season, Brighton-based Pixie Polite was more than aware of the supposed curse and was determined not to become its third victim.

Speaking to PinkNews and other media, she said: “I’ve heard a lot about this Brighton curse and the truth is, I was born in Brighton and grew up there but I’ve been out in the wide world.

“I’ve travelled many lands and learned many things. So I’m hoping that all of that experience will help me smash that curse like Indiana Jones.

“You should see my temple of doom.”

She also turned to her Brighton Drag Race sisters for advice as she prepared to join the cast of this year’s BBC series.

“I communed with the spirits,” she continued, “I got in touch with my long lost sisters Joe Black and Anubis Finch and they gave me a few tips you know about how to not crack under pressure basically.”

The queen also spoke of their close relationship to Drag Race UK season 2 contestant Tia Kofi and reflected on their close bond. 

“Tia Kofi has always been and continues to this day to be my absolute ride or die sister in life, in drag, in everything. She has always been my biggest support and always been my biggest fan and I’ve always been hers. 

“I don’t think that’s ever going to change. I don’t think I could have gone through the experience of Drag Race without her help and advice and love.”

‘Reverse the curse’

In the first episode, Pixie also spoke about her concerns around the curse, saying to her fellow competitors: “As a native Brightonian, am I worried about the Brighton curse? A little bit. 

“But instead of going home first, I’m going to be the last one out that door. Reverse the curse!”

As we enter the second of 12 weeks, will Pixie be able to hold on and prove the curse truly wrong?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs every Thursday at 9pm on BBC Three and is available on BBC iPlayer.