Straight-only MAGA dating app launches and – shock – it’s ‘just men’

Donald Trump next to a phone featuring two pictures of conservative men.

A conservative dating app founded by former Trump staff and right-wingers has been released and it looks like only the MAGA men are interested.

The Right Stuff, which has been backed by Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, promised right-wing romantics the chance to meet their true love through “profiles without pronouns” and the apparently amazing ice-breaker of complaining about left-wing politics.

A 29 September promotional video for the app, unironically titled “What Women Want,” showcased several conservative women reading out strange criteria for their ideal date, which usually ended in a dig at liberal men.

“For me, at least I know we’re going to start off with some shared values,” one said, with another saying: “I just prefer my men to be masculine.”

The exceptionally cringeworthy video then finishes with all seven women saying that an instant deal-breaker is their date being “a Democrat.”

But according to reviews after launching on Tuesday (4 October), it might be taking the masculine angle too far, with several people complaining that there are essentially no women currently using the service.

The app currently sits at a 1.9-star rating from 367 reviews, an overwhelming amount of which are one star.

“These days it’s hard to find a woman who values my patriotism,” one reviewer said. “But the weird thing is, I couldn’t find any women on it. I don’t know, maybe the app is bugged?”

Others believed the app wasn’t conservative enough, with one saying: “I was surprised to see that this app is actually more liberal than I could imagine. There are conservatives out there who aren’t Christian. I hate this app.”

One user even called it a “socialist app in wolves clothing,” claiming it was storing photos in a database that would be used to “exterminate all of us conservative Christians.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, others have claimed that various questions on the app’s registration page have put them in trouble with the FBI.

One reviewer claimed that, after answering a question about the January 6th Capitol insurrection by right-wing groups, they were contacted by an FBI agent.

“Seriously, what stunt are they trying to pull?? Whoever developed this has to be deep state setting us up,” the reviewer said.

Another found themselves talking to two police officers after they “got a call alleging that I was involved in domestic terrorism.” The reviewer then baselessly claimed that the app was created by Democrats “as a way to subvert our constitutional rights.”

But others were merely frustrated with the app itself, saying that its invite-only system which only allows users access through a verified invite is extremely archaic.

It’s also no surprise that the platform doesn’t offer LGBTQ+ options, despite billionaire backer Peter Thiel being in a same-sex marriage.

In a statement to The Independent, a spokesperson for The Right Stuff claimed that the reports of police and FBI contact were “just people trolling,” while the FBI declined to comment.