Joe Lycett is mercilessly trolling Liz Truss yet again: ‘A work of art’

Joe Lycett and Liz Truss

Self-declared right-wing comedian and Liz Truss stan Joe Lycett had a perfectly-time delivery.

Lycett memorably came out as right wing in a headline-making appearance on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg on 4 September – two days before Truss became PM.

He used the appearance to claim that he is “extremely right-wing”, and, with tongue firmly in cheek, said that as a right-wing person he wouldn’t describe Liz Truss as the “backwash” of the Tory party.

Lycett’s satire made the front page of the Daily Mail. And after a day in which the wheels truly came off Truss’ political bandwagon, he’s been up to his old tricks again.

The comedian posted a picture of himself with a framed copy of the Daily Mail bearing the headline “now BBC comic mocks Liz Truss”.

Revealing the now-framed newspaper on Twitter, Lycett wrote: “It’s perfect.”

He posted the image Tuesday (18 October). On the same day, the Mail ran with a front page declaring Truss was “in office but not in power”.

It came after a period in which Truss’s chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced a mini budget that plunged the UK into economic turmoil, only for Truss to to fire him, replace him with Jeremy Hunt, and sit silently in the Commons as Hunt tore up her entire fiscal plan.

Fans joined in with the ribbing online.

This is not the first time the comedian, known for his trolling stunts including legally changing his name to Hugo Boss, has poked fun at Truss since she officially became Prime Minister on 6 September.

He has mostly been showing his political colours through heavily sarcastic tweets, including congratulating her when she was first announced as the new Tory leader in a tweet.

“Yes [Liz Truss] absolutely smashed it babe!” he wrote.

On Kuenssberg, he said: “I think the haters will say we’ve had 12 years of the Tories, and that we’re sort of at the dregs of what they’ve got available, and that Liz Truss is sort of like the backwash of the available MPs.

“I wouldn’t say that, because I’m incredibly right wing, but some people might say that.”

He continued his “extremely right-wing” support with a tweet reading “hold ur nerve babe u got this xoxo” after the pound tanked to unprecedented lows in September after Truss’s former finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng slashed taxes.

When Kwarteng was sacked from his position, he tweeted Truss again: “Omg cant believe he was also part of the anti-growth coalition babe!! SO right to get rid!!!”

Lycett then followed this with a handmade painting of Truss on Twitter reading “f***king hell” and “in Liz we Truss”.