Bats have ‘greater vocal range than Mariah Carey’, according to science

A graphic composite showing a bat hanging upside down and Mariah Carey in a silver sequin dress holding her microphone out to the bat.

Mariah Carey’s singing ability has been beaten by a particular species of flying nocturnal animal according to a recent biological study about the vocal range of Daubenton’s bats. 

And the bats are not only leading in the field of singers, but most vertebrates for that matter, according to the researchers led by professor Coen Elemans at the University of Southern Denmark.

The diva may be known for her impressive vocals, hitting astronomical high notes and whistle tones but she’s been pipped to the post this time.

So how have bats done it? Well, unlike most humans with a range of three to four octaves, bats have a span of seven whole octaves. 

“Some human singers can reach a range of four to five, but they are only very few,” professor Elemans explained.

“Well-known examples are Mariah Carey, Axl Rose and Prince. It turns out that bats surpass this range by using different structures in their larynx.”

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Bats use a technique known as false “vocal folds” found in only a handful of death metal growlers and throat singers around the globe. 

They also use “very thin vocal membranes” to send out short high-frequency calls when hunting. While Mariah Carey’s ancestors would have had this membrane unfortunately humans lost this structure to evolution. 

Mariah Carey performs “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at Madison Square Garden. (Getty)

Mariah Carey’s ups and downs

It’s a bold move for bats to come for Mariah Carey at this time of year, with her hit festive track “All I Want For Christmas Is You” solidifying her diva status during every winter season. 

It seems to all be part of the conspiracy to undermine Carey’s Christmas supremacy as this second blow comes only days after she lost her bid to be “Queen of Christmas”.

The singer’s hopes to trademark “Queen of Christmas” alongside “Princess of Christmas” and “QOC” was ruled against by the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. 

She lost out to singer Elizabeth Chan whose music centres around Christmas and Thanksgiving, with Carey’s attorney calling it “trademark bullying”.

Despite bats and Elizabeth Chan having it out for Mariah Carey, she is remaining optimistic after entertaining fans with her “drunk aunt” energy during Thanksgiving dinner

She is also making moves with her career despite her supposedly limited vocal range after signing on as a co-producer for Broadway’s Some Like It Hot.

“I knew I had to be a part of it. To see how this show continues to expand on the film’s legacy – pushing boundaries, promoting inclusion, celebrating diversity,” she said about the decision

So bats, you may have the vocal range but do you have the Christmas charisma? We think not.

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