Mariah Carey serves big ‘Drunk aunt’ energy in chaotic Thanksgiving video

Mariah Carey is truly the gift that just keeps on giving.

This time, mother Mariah took to Twitter to post a clip of her Thanksgiving dinner search for “anointed greens” – and no, we’re not too sure what they are either.

In the video, Ms Carey – who may or may not have had a glass of champagne – can be seen running round her party, asking each and every guest whether they’d had any “anointed greens”.

Shockingly, there seemed to be none present at the party.

The video is captioned: “We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, only one thing was missing!”

“I wanna discuss anointed greens with you guys. A couple years ago we had some anointed greens. Some of us were there, some of us weren’t. I made them!”

Queen of singing and cooking!

Mariah then circles the party, asking each guest whether they’ve seen/had/eaten any anointed greens that year.

Fans have loved the clip, with various comments reminding Carey just how legendary she is.

“I love the energy of this video! Such a memorable moment. Happy Thanksgiving!” one wrote.

“Cryinggg i love her” another added.

A third said: “I love drunk Mariah by the way”

The clip was posted underneath a traditional Thanksgiving post from the gay icon, in which she wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Grateful and so proud of my beautiful kids Roc and Roe, grateful for the lambily and for the precious moments in life. Now it’s reaaaallly time!!!” – complete with love heart and Christmas themed emojis.

A fan commented: “We’re thinking about your anointed greens and the festivity dahhhling!”

This is in reference to a picture that Mariah Carey posted last year, saying that she was cooking some green vegetables, which she termed “anointed greens”.

And from there, legendary chaos ensued.