Jennifer Coolidge gives dramatic reading of ‘Jenny from the Block’ and it’s everything

Jennifer Coolidge wearing a black dress at the Shotgun Wedding premiere, pointing at the camera with her mouth open.

Jennifer Coolidge joined TikTok with a dramatic rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s signature hit.

The screen icon posted her first video on the app on Thursday night (19 January), telling fans that she wanted to recite “a poem” for them.

Opening with her signature “hi”, Coolidge continued: “This is my first TikTok and I was trying to think of something cool to do. I think I’m just going to do a poem that I like.”

The Legally Blonde star, 61, then launched into a unique spoken word performance of “Jenny from the Block”, featuring dramatic pauses and accentuation that would leave Meryl Streep positively quaking.

Turning the camera, Jennifer Coolidge revealed she was in fact sat with Lopez.

Staring at Coolidge with awe and bewilderment, as most of us do, Lopez said: “I like that. I really, really like that.”

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The pair are currently promoting their latest feature film Shotgun Wedding, which is set to land on Prime Video on 27 January. The comedy follows Lopez and Josh Duhamel as Darcy and Tom, a couple whose wedding is hijacked by criminals. Coolidge stars as Tom’s ditzy mum Carol.

As expected, fans are more than happy to have more Coolidge content in their lives. 

“She could just blank stare at the camera for a min straight and I would still find it to be the best tiktok ever,” one fan wrote, while another simply declared: “Gay rights!”

“This is the best day of my life,” a third added. 

Ever since her acclaimed performance in The White Lotus – which birthed the much-memed “These gays are trying to murder me” line – Jennifer Coolidge has been receiving new levels of praise and recognition.

In the last few weeks alone, she has bagged a much-deserved Golden Globe and a Critics Choice Award for her role as Tanya in the show. On both occasions, her hilarious awards acceptance speeches have stolen the show.

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