Jennifer Coolidge is back to protect the gays in Shotgun Wedding, and it’s utter chaos

Jennifer Coolidge stars in Shotgun Wedding. (Amazon Prime Studios)

There’s no stopping Jennifer Coolidge right now, and her latest turn in Amazon Prime’s Shotgun Wedding proves why she’s the ultimate scene-stealer.

The film, which also stars Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel and D’Arcy Carden, follows Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Duhamel), whose dream wedding at a luxury resort goes horribly wrong.

As the guests gather to witness the nuptials of a lifetime, they find themselves suddenly fending off gun-wielding pirates. Before long, they’re forced to try to save the day – and just maybe Darcy and Tom’s marriage too.

Coolidge, aka everyone’s favourite comedic genius, admirably steps into the shoes of Tom’s mother Carol (and all round wildcard) as she swaps her airs and graces for a gun to save her family.

The actor is no stranger to playing a clueless rich woman turned gun-wielding badass, after starring as multi-millionaire heiress Tanya McQuoid in The White Lotus.

As one fan joked on Twitter: “Jennifer Coolidge getting mixed [up] with crime lords at fancy resorts is becoming my favourite TV genre.”

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An absolute pro when it comes to serving onscreen charisma, Coolidge’s standout role in The White Lotus has landed her Emmy, Golden Globe and Critics Choice awards.

“She reminds me of an Andy Kaufman or a Bill Murray type personality where you never quite know what they’re going to do,” Duhamel remarked on their time on set together.

“She’s so good at making everybody feel beautifully awkward.”

And the casting paid off, with one fan enthusing: “Shotgun Wedding is easily the most absurd, ridiculous, out-of-control movie I’ve ever seen and yet I need to watch it 89 more times for Jennifer Coolidge alone.”

The film sees several classic Coolidge moments which have already made their way into the pop culture canon.

Many fans were delighted by a scene in which she performs a chaotic rendition of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”. Coolidge sung the same song in 2004’s A Cinderella Story, in which she played the evil step-mother.

And it’s not the only Coolidge throwback. Much like her character in The White Lotus, who is famously let loose with a gun in season two, Carol is handed an AK-47 to help protect her family. Chaos, of course, ensues.

In fact, her skill with a gun has led to calls for her to star in more action movies, and even play James Bond. And honestly, we agree. There is nothing more magical than the idea of Coolidge showing up as the next 007.

Coolidge is joined by another gay icon, The Good Place actor D’Arcy Carden, who plays friend Harriet and has her own show-stopping moments of action.

Overall, it seems like Coolidge is on top form in Shotgun Wedding and fully living up to her status as a “national treasure”.

Shotgun Wedding is streaming now on Amazon Prime.

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