Proud Boys violently attack pro-LGBTQ+ protesters at drag queen story event

Proud Boys

Members of far-right group Proud Boys became violent and shouted anti-LGBTQ+ slurs while protesting against a drag queen story hour in Maryland.

Police had to intervene after members of the Proud Boys turned up outside Loyalty Books, in Silver Spring.

Outside the bookshop protestors gathered and hurled abuse at any who tried to enter the building, where families and young children were attending a reading session by a drag queen.

A group of counter-protestors used Pride flags and umbrellas to ensure the children didn’t see the Proud Boys’ signs, but things quickly escalated, with members of the neo-fascist, all-male group kicking some of the LGBTQ+ supporters, leaving them with bloodied faces.

Although the police were called, no arrests were made, despite the violences seeming to be captured on video, local news outlet MoCo30 reported.

Drag queens who host story hours in the US are being targeted by politicians and protestors alike. With hundreds of bills being introduced throughout the country to try and ban drag performances, slurs such as ‘groomer’ are bing used to try and paint LGBTQ+ as villains and a threat.

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In a statement, the owners of the bookshop wrote: “Yesterday afternoon, Loyalty came under attack from hate groups who tried to force their way into our store during a drag queen story hour, with physical violence.

“Because of counter-protesters’ efforts, the children inside got to enjoy [dancing] the hokey pokey, hearing beautiful books read aloud [and] basking in the presence of the wonderful @CharChateau. They did not have to hear about bodily mutilation or listen to the slurs and the unhinged, graphic accusations.”

The store went on to thank the volunteers who protected the children, underlining that the event exists to promote joy and safety for young people.

US bills targeting drag queens

Bills have been filed in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia to ban minors from attending drag shows. If passed into law, these could classify any business that hosts such performances as “sexually oriented”.

Only three states in the country – South Dakota, Rhode Island, and West Virginia – have no record of any attacks, although GLAAD states that unreported incidents could have occurred.

The Proud Boys – firm supporters of Donald Trump – have been designated as a terrorist group in Canada and New Zealand.