Hundreds of LGBTQ+ protestors call Laurence Fox a ‘loser’ after attending anti-drag march

A split image of protestors and anti-drag activists surrounding Laurence Fox.

A crowd of LGBTQ+ protestors branded suspended GB News host Laurence Fox a “loser” after he turned up at an anti-drag march.

Fox was spotted among a crowd of anti-drag protestors during yet another march held by far-right organisation Turning Point UK at the Honor Oak Pub in London – the eighth march this year.

The organisation – an offshoot of an American far-right group – has routinely called for its supporters to protest outside the pub in an effort to spread their anti-drag message.

Once again, the far-right group was dwarfed by pro-LGBTQ+ protestors who came to show solidarity for the family-friendly drag brunch which takes place every Saturday at 1pm.

In a clip published by the anti-fascist human rights group, Stand Up To Racism, who scheduled the counter-protest, Laurence Fox could be spotted amid the small crowd of right-wingers making an inaudible speech.

Meanwhile, hundreds of protestors chanted the phrase “loser” until Fox disappeared from the dwindling right-wing crowd.

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Fox became the centre-point of a massive backlash after he made several misogynistic remarks against political reporter Ava Evans on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight programme.

In a segment meant to discuss Evans’ recent appearance on BBC Politics Live, Fox said that “no self-respecting man” would want to “climb into bed with that woman.”

Fox was subsequently suspended from GB News over the comments along with Dan Wootton, who was seen laughing and grinning but would later claim it was out of “shock and surprise.

Despite this, alleged private messages between the two presenters suggested that Wootton was actually amused by the rant, having allegedly written: “You can imagine them freaking out in the gallery.”

According to clips posted by SUTR, the crowd of Turning Point UK protestors, who were separated from the LGBTQ+ activist crowd through heavy police presence, dispersed at around midday.

A post from SUTR called the protest “particularly embarrassing,” adding: “We call that 8–0.”

Fox turned up to a protest held at the Honor Oak Pub in March along with similarly suspended GB News host, Calvin Robinson.

Laurence Fox ‘needs to go away’ Drag Queen Story Hour UK founder says

Drag artist and founder of Drag Queen Story Hour UK, Aida H Dee, argued in a post that Fox’s “pursuit of relevance” relies on “our attention.”

“Let’s divert our focus, and his presence may wane into obscurity,” the post continued.

Speaking to PinkNews, they said that Fox “knows nothing about drag” and merely wants to “stay on the front covers of pages.”

“He thinks that being controversial for the sake of controversy will get him there,” they said.

“I personally would like to do a call out to every other person out there. If you see Laurence Fox, don’t point him out.”

Dee continued that LGBTQ+ events are being “targeted” by groups such as Turning Point UK, adding that “they are not protestors, they are aggressive people.”

“They are an insult to what it means to protest,” they said. “Turning Point UK are an insult to the very definition of a protest and Laurence Fox is trying to ride the coattails of Turning Point UK.”

They added that, despite GB News’ decision to suspend Fox, it gave him the platform to share sexist comments with the UK public.

“He’s been given the green light to GB News and everyone around him that it’s okay to be misogynistic,” they said. “He’s been given the green light that it is okay to be homophobic, but not only that, he’s been given the green light that this is what will pay his bills.”

Dee gave the example of a request they received in June from GB News to put Fox in drag makeup and have a pre-planned debate on-air.

In a thread, they alleged that the channel offered them £400 to “put [Laurence Fox] into drag so he could ‘celebrate’ Pride and ‘celebrate’ drag because, and I quote, ‘he thinks himself as 20 per cent gay’.”

“He is a performative monkey,” Dee told PinkNews. “He needs to just go away or stand up and say that he’s been wrong all this time. Either way, he just needs to go away.”