‘My conjoined twin is asexual but I have a boyfriend’

Lupita and Carmen

Conjoined twins Lupita and Carmen, 22, share a pelvis and bloodstream, but not romantic partners as Lupita is asexual – and her sister Carmen has a boyfriend.

Born in Mexico, the siblings grew up in Connecticut in the United States. Sharing a bloodstream, pelvis, reproductive system and liver, the pair don’t share the same sexuality.

“I’m aromantic and asexual, so I don’t really feel anything”, Lupita explains.

However, Carmen met her boyfriend, Daniel, on Hinge in 2020 – and though the pair have been seeing each other ever since, she’s shared that they aren’t sexually active.

The twins subsequently discussed their own boundaries and how this might intersect with their identities. And whilst Lupita and Daniel aren’t dating, she’s supportive of her sister’s relationship, sharing that they’re all great friends. She even gets to have a say on where and when the couple host their dates.

“It’s funny because I stay up later than Lupita, but when Daniel stays over I fall asleep quickly”, Carmen shares. “And he stays up talking with her.”

In the future, Carmen and Daniel want to move in together and get engaged, though they’ve decided against having children as the twins are unable to have them biologically. Together, they’re on hormone blockers to stop their period.

Surgery has never been a safe option as the risks involved are too high – it could even be fatal for them.

However, despite their differing sexualities, the pair share so much in common. They both want to start a career as a vet, and they even share a similar taste in fashion. All in all, the sisters are happy just the way they are, and are always open to questions in sharing their lives online.

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