Lumberjack sends sapphic hearts racing

Nicole Maple Coenen has sent sapphic TikTok crazy with her wood-chopping videos.

Coenen, who has over 1.2 million followers, has become known as the internet’s resident Canadian lumberjack, often seen in the depths of the forest chopping wood with an axe – or even a sword.

“My FYP just pointed out the fact I’m bi via wood chopping videos and I’m not sure what that says about me,” one adorning follower commented.

Fans have noticed that Coenen checks an array of lesbian tickboxes through her wardrobe, including neckties and plaid shirts, and she’s also given herself the name “nature’s mistress”.

In fact, Coenen has so much allure that she’s even got people questioning their sexuality.

“I’m straight, right? I think I am. I have a husband and everything,” one woman wrote in the comments section of a video.

“I need myself a Golden Retriever axe-wielding girlfriend,” another added.

But when she’s not chopping up wood (or making the sapphics swoon), Coenen works for an environmental non-profit organisation.

“I only chop wood cause we need it out here to stay warm,” she previously explained.

She’s super proud of her Canadian heritage, too, even drinking maple syrup from the bottle on one occasion – which sparked confusion for some viewers.

“What are you drinking?” one person asked, to which she replied a “mix of homemade kombucha and maple syrup”.

Likewise, she’s also a fan of telling stories about her personal experiences with wood-chopping, once detailing the time a man gifted her a weapon at her local grocery store.

“One of the fellas that works at the store came up to me and he said that he had an axe for me in his car,” Coenen told her fans in one particular video. “So after a few moments of waiting in the deli section, he comes out with this beauty,” she added, wielding a heavy-looking axe in her hands.

“I still had groceries to do, so I was still walking up and down the aisles with this.”

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