Julia Roberts has an excellent reason for wearing no shoes on the Cannes red carpet

Julia Roberts has stood up for a cause – quite literally – appearing on the red carpet at Cannes with no shoes at all.

Last year a group of women were turned away from a screening of ‘Carol’ at the film festival because they were not wearing high heels.

Some of the women apparently had medical and mobility issues that meant wearing high heels would have been impossible for them.

A Cannes regular attendant said at the time: “I’ve heard this happening several times now, even to older women who can’t wear heels for medical reasons.

Someone I know was turned away for wearing nice flats, nothing you would wear to the beach. They were in their 50’s.

“They told her she could go and buy appropriate shoes and come back.”

While there have been some protests against the ridiculous rule, nobody has shut it down quite like Julia.

She appeared in a black Armani gown, eventually lifting up her skirt to show her bare feet.

The star then went about her business as usual, posing with George and Amal Clooney, Jodie Foster and others.

She looked pretty comfortable to us.

Earlier this week a leading temp agency changed its dress code for women, after a receptionist was sent home from a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers for not wearing 2 to 4 inch heels.

A boy who dressed as Frozen’s Princess Elsa for his school’s Disney fancy dress day was ordered to remove the costume by his school.

Adele continued to be an amazing mum when she let her young son dress as Anna from Frozen on a trip to Disneyland.

It was revealed today that Ozzy Osborne went out to the shops wearing his wife Sharon’s dress, after she took all of his clothes.