Dixon Dallas responds to ‘gay-baiting’ accusations as he drops another queer country single

Dallas Dixon singing new gay single "Leave This All Behind"

Country singer Dixon Dallas, possibly best-know his explicit gay sex anthem “Good Lookin'”, has hit back at accusations of gay-baiting.

Dixon’s track “Good Lookin'” quickly went viral last year for its explicitly queer lyrics, which included – and be warned, this is not Dolly Parton – “He’s bouncing off my booty cheeks, I love the way he rides / I can hardly breathe when he’s pumping deep inside.”

Now, in a new interview with Pride following the release of new single “Leave This All Behind”, Dallas, whose real name is Jake Hill, has responded to claims that he’s poking fun at the queer community ‘gay-baiting’ – which essentially means taking advantage of gay audiences.

“Backlash ain’t nothing new to Dixon… it doesn’t bother me one bit,” he said, revealing that he has received criticism from a number of quarters, including the country music community.

“People can keep being mad if they want. The rednecks that don’t accept me can keep calling me fake country and keep demanding I be barred from making music again.

“The ‘he’s queer-baiting’ crowd can keep saying I’m making a mockery of the LGBTQ+ community and whatever else. I’ve said it before, but I want to keep doing this for the people who tell me my music means something to them.

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“The haters can stay mad. This music isn’t for them.”

What has Dixon Dallas said about his sexuality?

Dixon Dallas told Pride in an earlier interview that he had purposely decided not to disclose his own sexuality despite singing about gay sex.

“Of course, you’ll have people saying I’m gay-baiting and queer-bating,” he said. “Growing up in the South, you’re taught how to think a certain way. I reached a point where I started thinking for myself. My music is a big f*** you to my past.

“No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay. I could be straight. I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel it doesn’t matter. There’s no law that says I can’t write a song about getting my booty cheeks bounced off of.”

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