Emma Corrin spills new details about their ‘unpredictable’ Deadpool & Wolverine villain

Emma Corrin in Deadpool & Wolverine

Emma Corrin has teased intriguing new details about their ‘unpredictable’ villain in the upcoming Marvel flick Deadpool & Wolverine.

The Crown star Emma Corrin is set to star in the MCU’s Deadpool & Wolverine alongside titular stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as mysterious villain Cassandra Nova.

In the comics, Cassandra is sort-of, sort-of-not the ‘twin’ of Professor Charles Xavier (technically an alien parasite formed into his polar opposite) – long story short, she’s bad. Real bad.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Corrin, who is non-binary, has teased more details on the supervillain, as well as their unlikely inspiration.

“Ryan and Shawn [Levy, director] pitched this idea, which I was totally on board with: ‘We want this villain to not be a villain in the sense that you expect them to be. We want you to be so endeared by her, so charmed by her, and just when you think that maybe she’s totally seen into your soul and you are going to be best friends for life, you’re dead.‘”

Corrin added that they wanted the Deadpool & Wolverine character to be “unpredictable”, and that a certain purple-coat-wearing maniac with a chocolate factory and an aversion to basic health and safety served as an influence for the bald baddie.

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Reynolds and Levy also stated that Christoph Waltz’s character from Inglourious Basterds – who is an actual Nazi – was an inspiration.

“He’s so disarmingly polite and nice and unaffected, and it’s really creepy,” Corrin explained. “It’s all the more sinister because he doesn’t need to do anything.”

“Shawn used to say this thing about, we want to see the weather change. [Cassandra] can play the sun, and then the clouds come, and you have no idea when it happened or what just happened,” they added.

Emma Corrin previously teased that their Deadpool & Wolverine role was “an absolute mind-f**k“; the film will be the first instalment starring Reynolds’ mercenary with a mouth to introduce the character to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As ever, there will be cameos aplenty, including some OG X-Men characters, though Entertainment Weekly recently confirmed that Taylor Swift won’t be taking time off the Eras Tour to appear.

The marketing campaign for the film has been criticised by queer fans for using a potential romance between its lead characters, both of whom are canonically queer, as nothing more than a punchline.

Deadpool & Wolverine is due to open in cinemas on 25 July.

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