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Set in modern-day Montreal and Venice, Eternal is a sensual, psychological thriller that focuses on Raymond Pope (Conrad Pla), a tough Montreal vice detective of questionable morals.

When Pope sets out to determine the whereabouts of his frequently wayward wife, his path crosses that of the wealthy and enigmatic Elizabeth Kane (Caroline Néron) and her servant Irina (Victoria Sanchez).

Behind Elizabeth’s fascinating looks and aristocratic manner lurks a terrifying killer who lures, seduces and murders innocent women in order to bathe in their blood, believing that such a gruesome ritual will ensure her own youth forever.

Elizabeth’s companion, the outwardly angelic Irina, is a savage predator in her own right who performs her own blood-based rituals, labouring under the belief that her mistress is a supernatural being who will one day grant her the gift of eternal life.

As Pope finds himself powerfully drawn to the charismatic Elizabeth, bodies begin to surface. A rapidly expanding investigation serves only to deepen the mystery surrounding Elizabeth’s past.

In the end, Pope’s obsession grows so intense he completely fails to anticipate Elizabeth’s reaction to his intrusion into her dark world of intrigue and death, a fatal mistake that might cost Pope his life and the lives of those close to him.

Based on real-life events and inspired by the look and feel of classic film-noir and the tastefully terrifying storytelling of Hitchcock, Eternal’s blend of suspense, horror and perverse romanticism walks delicately between reality, fantasy and possible supernatural phenomena.

Eternal is currently playing at various film festivals across the Europe.

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