Gay Chav Club Promises They’re Not Racist

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The London club for chavs, Rude Boyz has apologised after their door staff excluded a number of East Asian men over the past few weeks. The apology follows protests from OutRage, the gay rights group led by Peter Tatchell.

The management claim that the exclusions were the result of a misunderstanding of a policy by door staff. The management excluded 12 particular men of East Asian origin due to a number of fights in order to protect other club goers. However, door staff mistook this ban for all men of East Asian appearance.

In a statement the club said, “Rude Boyz apologise for any offence caused to the East Asian gay community and assured you [OutRage] that we oppose racism and do not discriminate on the grounds of race.”

OutRage’s spokesperson, Brett Lock said in a statement, “we are satisfied that Rude Boyz did not intend to discriminate against East Asian men, and we are delighted the club has reaffirmed its commitment to non-discrimination.”

In the past few years, violence on the gay scene has been growing and some do put a proportion down to men of East Asian origin.

One clubber we spoke to (who didn’t want to be named) said, “it’s true that some Asians do cause fights and seem to be involved in drugs and other crimes, however its not clear that they are actually gay, rather that they use gay venues to conduct their activities.”