Gay marriage ceremony will tell partners not to fear their love

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The Association of Registration and Celebratory Services have released the wording for civil partnership ceremonies.

The ceremonies that will take place in England and Wales after the 5th December describes the ceremony as one that will “enable the love and respect that they [partners] have for each other to develop into a deep and lasting relationship.”

The ceremony will acknowledge the difficulties that result from being in a gay relationship by saying, “We who are witnessing your civil partnership, hope that despite the stresses inevitable in any life, your Love, trust and understanding of each other, will increase your contentment and heighten your joy in living.”

Partners will pledge to share their lives openly and respect each other as individuals through good times and bad.

The ceremony will add with a plea from the registrar for the couples to “learn how to receive love with as much understanding as you give it. Find things within yourself, then you can share them with each other. Do not fear this love. Have an open heart and a sincere mind. Be concerned with each other’s happiness. Be constant and consistent in your love. From this will come security and strength.”