Gay police offer accepts £30,000 in homophobia case

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

An openly gay police officer that accused his force of homophobic bullying and anti-gay discrimination accepted a £30,000 out of court settlement this week.

Inspector Neil Ferguson of the Norfolk Constabulary originally claimed £400,000 from the force and the local police authority over his claims to have suffered homophobia.

The case, which was due to be heard in an industrial tribunal, was called off after Mr Ferguson accepted £30,000 in damages for “injury to health and feelings”. The police authority and the constabulary both deny his allegations.

Kim Roberts, Mr Ferguson’s solicitor explained why her client accepted the offer: “the sum of £30,000 was paid on account of injury to Mr Ferguson’s health and feelings caused by the alleged discrimination and was an entirely acceptable settlement on that basis.”

Angela Black, representing Norfolk Police Authority and Norfolk Constabulary, said: “the police authority and constabulary strongly deny these allegations.”