Shayne wins X Factor then heads off to gay club to celebrate

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Shayne Ward has won the television talent contest X Factor by a margin of just 1.2 percent over rival Andy Abraham. Immediately after being announced the winner, he headed straight off to a live performance at London’s largest gay night club.

Shayne Ward dedicated his victory to his mother Philomena saying: “this is for you mum, this is for you.”

Thanking his champion backer, the music impresario Louis Walsh he said: “I owe you everything!”

His first engagement was to play to a sell out crowd at G-A-Y, one of the largest gay night clubs in London. Hundreds of fans braved the blistering cold to secure tickets to the concert.

Despite being a gay club, many of those attempting to secure tickets where part of his growing fan club of teenage girls.

Shayne’s prize for topping the telephone poll is a £1 million recording contract and the opportunity to challenge other top acts for the coveted Christmas number one spot, with a single. ‘That’s my Goal’ released on Wednesday 21st December.