Celebrity Big Brother’s Andrew Brady makes drag debut at gay stripping contest

Celebrity Big Brother fan favourite Andrew Brady has made his club debut as Betty Swollocks whilst judging a gay stripping contest.

Andrew Brady appeared at London’s largest gay nightclub Heaven to judge their regular club night Porn Idol, where members of the audience strip for the chance to win a cash prize.

Andrew’s appearance at the club had been announced earlier this month, however, it was not known whether the former Apprentice star would be appearing as himself or as his drag persona Betty Swollocks.

(Photo: Andrew Brady / Instagram)

After her creation on Celebrity Big Brother, Betty Swollocks was instantly a fan hit, though housemate India Willoughby was less than impressed due to her alleged fear of drag queens.

With the support of his drag mother Courtney Act and a make-up artist, Betty made her official debut outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

(Photo: @courtneyact / Twitter)

Betty opened the competition in Andrew’s trademark upfront style, complaining about her new shoes.

“By the way, heels are shit,” Betty said as she addressed the large crowd whilst wearing very high glitter heels.

Whilst Betty’s shoes were a significant pain, she said during the event that she had skipped one of the most painful parts of drag — tucking.


The event has previously featured famous drag queens and gay icons including Bianca Del Rio, Bob the Drag Queen and Gemma Collins.

Andrew is one of a few heterosexual men to be invited to appear as a guest judge for the competition, which also featured local queens Baga Chipz and Son of a Tutu.

Betty threw herself into her role as guest judge, laughing and joking with the contestants as they tried — and sometimes failed —to strip for the crowd.

(Photo: PinkNews)

Betty had some choice words for Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Ann Widdecombe, who he had argued with multiple times during their run on the show.

Before the first contestant began to strip, the debuting drag queen led a cheer of “Ann’s a c***” with the crowd.

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In a recent interview, Andrew Brady resisted the idea that older generations should be excluded from criticism over homophobia due to their age.

In the interview with Gay Times, Brady said: “It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re racist you’re a racist. If you’re homophobic, you’re homophobic.”

(Photo: PinkNews)

Posters for Betty’s appearance referenced one of Apprentice star’s clashes with the ultra-conservative former MP during Celebrity Big Brother.

Shortly before his eviction, Andrew hit out at the 70-year-old for her horrific record on LGBT rights, calling her a ‘c***’.

Social media posts from Heaven’s sister club G-A-Y said: “anyone who calls Ann Widdecombe a c*** deserves to judge G-A-Y porn idol.”

(Photo: G-A-Y)

Courtney Act tweeted her support for her new drag daughter before Betty’s appearance at Heaven, video chatting with Andrew as he transformed into Betty.

Courtney wrote: “I couldn’t sleep cause I knew what was happening on the other side of the world. But Betty is in safe hands.”

Fans and club goers kept Courtney up to date with Betty’s appearance, tweeting the Australian drag superstar photos of Betty working the crowd.

One fan told Courtney Act that Betty looked ‘peng’ as she picked out contestants from the audience.

(Photo: @stormcloudsivan / Twitter)

Another fan tweeted that they loved Betty more than they could explain and hoped that Betty would make a return to Heaven and the wider drag scene.

“I love Andrew Brady so much I can’t even explain. This is fantastic. I hope this isn’t the last time we see Betty.”

(Photo: @ / Twitter)

Courtney Act stirred up some of the previous speculation about her relationship with Andrew, which had been highly flirtatious during their time on Celebrity Big Brother.

After seeing Betty in her fully formed drag, Courtney tweeted that she hoped that her new drag child had an Oedipus complex.

(Photo: @courtneyact / Twitter)

Let’s hope we will see more of Betty Swollocks in the future.