Tatchell savages Christian protesters

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Gay activist Peter Tatchell has launched a stinging attack on Christians planning to protest about gay discrimination legislation outside Parliament later today.

Evangelical Christian groups are due to be joined by Muslim activists on the torchlight protest, timed to coincide with a debate in the House of Lords on the new Sexual Orientation Regulations.

Mr Tatchell accused religious leaders of scare mongering, lies and hypocrisy.

“They have a highly selective and overtly homophobic interpretation of biblical morality.

“If there are going to be laws against discrimination, they should apply equally to everyone,” said Mr Tatchell

The debate in the House of Lords was secured by Northern Irish peer Lord Morrow.

He wants the government to rescind the Sexual Orientation Regulations which came into effect in the province on January 1st. They are due to come into force in England Wales in April.

The regulations outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in the provision of goods and services.

Some Christian and Muslim protestors have expressed concern that the new rules will force them to promote homosexuality.

The veteran campaigner pointed out that religious groups were given protection by law and now want to deny extending that right to LGBT people.

“Last year’s Equality Act gave full legal protection against discrimination to people of faith.

“It is hypocrisy and double standards. They want the law to give them privileged protection and for gay people to be treated as second-class citizens,” Mr Tatchell said.

“If anyone was demanding the legal right to discriminate against Christians, these zealots would be outraged. Yet they want the right to discriminate against gays. They are two-faced homophobes.”