Comment: Letter of the week

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We regularly receive encouraging and inspiring letters and comments at the offices of, this week has been no different.’s Marc Shoffman received one gem from a nice lady called Barbara, who has helped remind us why the struggle for sexual equality continues.

In the spirit of free speech, here is what she said,

“You never cease to amaze me. You are the most selfish, self-absorbed people on the face of the earth and you continue to wonder why people reject your CHOICE of sexual perversion. I do not want to beat you or abuse you, I just want you to keep your disgusting sexual perversions to yourself and your “partners”. You have CHOSEN to engage in homosexuality, you have CHOSEN not to have children, because a man and a man DO NOT MAKE A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only wish you would stop forcing your perversion on the rest of us.

Please stop.


Now I am straight and that statement troubles me. What does Barbara mean by choice? Do gays choose to be discriminated against? Do they choose to be stereotyped?

I don’t believe for one second that homosexuality is a choice, gay people need support and a news resource like this, just like Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and many other minorities, because they are born like that, whether they like it or not.

As a straight man I have never felt like gay “perversions” were being pushed onto me. On the contrary I feel constantly surrounded by heterosexuality. I’ve never felt the need to cringe at a gay couple snogging on a train and I can’t remember a time I opened a tabloid newspaper to a picture of a drunk gay man falling out of a club at 3am.

Where is Barbara going that she finds gay people pushing their sexual perversions onto her, maybe we could recommend this place to some of our readers?

So apparently “a man and a man do not make a family.” Who is to say what does make a family? Absent fathers? Single mothers? Foster homes? Child abusers? The family unit is built on love and care. Plenty of straight couples neglect, harm and sometimes even kill their babies, where is she getting this idea that a gay couple would be so bad?

My only remaining question is how a clearly straight, woman of the world like Barbara, who is so obviously against homosexuality, ever came across this “selfish and self absorbed” site? Was she perhaps a little curious herself, or maybe she was keen to join the homosexuality debate.

Well here’s a newsflash Babs, homosexuals have been around for centuries, people have cried, suffered and died for how they were born because some straights can’t see beyond their own genitalia to understand that homosexuality isn’t just about sex. But thanks for your contribution.