Gay TV star accused of PR stunt

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The father of Stuart Lubbock, who drowned in Michael Barrymore’s pool, has accused the tv presenter of a sickening PR stunt to revive his celebrity status.

Reports in The Mirror, reveal that Terry Lubbock felt exploited after meeting the star and allegedly forgiving him over his son’s death. Mr Lubbock told the Mirror he had only met Mr Barrymore to get answers about the incident but feels he was the object of a charm offensive.

He told the Mirror, “I don’t blame him for the actual death of Stuart but I do blame him for not telling the truth.”

The grief stricken father says he felt like he was being dissuaded from pursuing a private prosectuion against Mr Barrymore, he said: “All he was interested in was using me to get back on TV. Next time I want to see him is in court.”

Mr Barrymore’s agent told the Mirror, “Michael is keen to get to the truth about what happened. There is nothing to discuss converning the private prosecution at the moment, it has only reached the stage of applying for a summons.”

Stuart Lubbock died at a party at Mr Barrymore’s house in 2001. A Post Mortem found that Mr Lubbock had drowned and an inquest recorded an open verdict. The coroner said that Mr Lubbock had consumed drugs and alcohol prior to his death and that his body showed serious anal injuries.

Nobody was charged over the incident.