Isle of Man minister labelled a ‘homophobe’

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The Isle of Man’s education minister, David Anderson, is facing allegations of homophobia and has been told to quit over comments that homosexuality has ‘huge health implications, it’s being claimed.

The Glenfaba MHK is also said to believe gay lifestyles should not be promoted as equal to heterosexual relationships.

An Ellan Vannin Gay Group spokesman told Isle of Man newspapers: “I was surprised and shocked the education minister could have these views.”

“Sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate, they affect everyone. I am ashamed of a Manxman saying these things.”

“He has been put in a position of trust by the chief minister and comes across like this and still has his job.”

“The education minister should think about his job and the chief minister should think about having someone with his views in his job.”

“It’s astonishing.”

Mr Anderson made the comments after he persuaded the House of Keys to delay a debate over controversial plans to scrap a ban on teaching children about homosexuality.

His move came before Hazel Hannan (Peel) could table her bid to repeal section 38 of the 1992 Sexual Offences Act, which prohibits the promotion of homosexuality by public bodies.

The National Union of Teachers described the minister’s remarks as ‘homophobic’.