School rejects ex-pupil for starring in Brokeback Mountain

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Brokeback Mountain star, Michelle Williams is persona non grata at her old school, who don’t want to know her since she starred in the film of gay cowboy love.

Ms Williams attended Santa Fe Christian School in California. The school’s headmaster, Jim Hopson told his local newspaper that the school “don’t want to have anything to do with her in relation to that movie.”

“Michelle doesn’t represent the values of this institution,” he added. “We would not approve of her movies and TV shows. We’d not like to be tied to ‘Brokeback Mountain.

“I hope we offered her something in life. But she made the kinds of choices of which we wouldn’t approve. Brokeback Mountain’ basically promotes a lifestyle we don’t promote. It’s not the word of God.”

Ms Williams has received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her role in the hit drama.