Gay affair break up captures the nation

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A woman whose engagement fell apart after discovering her fiancé frequently visited gay saunas, has generated a hugely emotive and informative debate in a UK broadsheet.

The case of Iris Scott, who just days before her marriage discovered that her boyfriend had betrayed her with sexual encounters with gay men, has caught the heart and minds of readers of The Times.

Over 40 people have responded to her article, printed in the T2 Debate section on March 13, offering sympathy and views on love, relationships, trust, infidelity and homosexuality.

Some responses warn her to look out for sexual diseases while others talk about the importance of soul mates and relate the issue to events in their own lives.

The Debate section editor, Julie Daniels told “The story has opened a floodgate, people have opened up a lot and revealed intimate personal details on how it has effected their own lives.”

She added there had been a good response with some well considered and interesting replies.

Iris Scott wrote to The Times after her fiancé revealed that he had been having gay sex, despite his insistence that he wasn’t gay, Ms Scott cancelled the marriage arrangements. She asked Times readers if she should stay or go.

The debate remains open until the end of March.