All Stars 9 queen Roxxxy Andrews is not here for your ‘bus stop’ jokes: ‘It’s not funny’

Drag Race contestant Roxxxy Andrews speaks during the SEASON FIVE roast.

Roxxxy Andrews has made it clear that fans mocking her about her upsetting childhood are cruel, not funny.

During her Drag Race tenure on season five, more than 10 years ago, Roxxxy became emotional when she revealed that her mother had abandoned her at a bus stop when she was just three.

After being named as one of the bottom two queens of the week in episode seven, Roxxxy broke down in tears and explained why the scenario had triggered her.

“I feel my mom never wanted me,” she wept. “I come off as this strong character, I try to stay strong but I’m weak and so tired. It just hurts that I was left, nobody cared.”

Despite the nature of the revelation, fans of the reality show have used the admission to poke fun at the Florida-based queen, who’s set to return for All Stars 9 later this month.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she revealed that she is even being tagged in photos of bus stops on social media, with so-called fans writing: “Thinking of Roxxxy.”

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The ongoing jokes sting, she says, because “that was probably one of the saddest moments of my life.”

Roxxxy Andrews entering the Werk Room in Drag Race All Stars 9.
Roxxxy Andrews doesn’t find jokes about her childhood trauma funny. (World of Wonder/YouTube/RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Although some fans have spoken to Roxxxy about how the admission resonated with them, she says others mention it just to be cruel.

“If you’re someone I’ve never met or on Instagram and tag me at a bus stop and say: ‘Thinking of Roxxxy’. Really? That’s what you want to say to me?

“They’re like: ‘Oh, I didn’t mean offence’. And I’m like, ‘But I don’t know you, and that’s not funny’. If your mum died, do you want me to make fun of… that? It’s not funny. Make fun of something else.”

Many Drag Race fans seemingly feel comfortable mocking the tragedy following Roxxxy’s appearance on All Stars 2 in 2016, during which fellow contestant Katya made a joke about it during the reading challenge.

In Roxxxy’s eyes, Katya’s quip was fine because they knew each other.

“I knew Katya, and Katya had asked about the joke,” Roxxxy said. “Make a joke. I know it’s not coming from ill intent. If I don’t know you, I don’t know that, so the first thing for me is to want to jump on you.”

Earlier this year, Roxxxy called out Drag Race season 16 star Megami for using the audio of the emotional season-five breakdown as part of a drag performance.

After Roxxxy branded the routine “disrespectful”, Megami apologised for “overstepping a boundary” and vowed to take the audio out of her performance mix.

Although Roxxxy is unimpressed with any jokes about bus stops, there is a meme she can get behind. Following the All Stars 9 cast reveal last week, her entrance line, “Baby, you can’t read the dolls,” has been turned into an internet sensation.

Roxxxy will appear alongside Angeria Paris VanMicheals, Jorgeous, Gottmik, Shannel, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, Nina West and Plastique Tiara for All Stars 9.

The first episode of the new series will stream on Paramount+ in the US and on WOW Presents Plus internationally on 17 May.

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