Polish protests at gay bar closure

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A former gay club in Warsaw which was due to be closed last weekend has been hijacked by 200 peaceful protestors aiming to preserve the “haven of left wing thought.”

Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, who is known for his anti gay views along with his brother, Law and Justice Party leader, Jaroslav, purchased the building and has no plans to continue using it as a premises for popular gay club and bar, Le Madame.

Club patrons are refusing to leave the area, where they have picketed since Monday night, because it is seen as one of the few places in Warsaw open to political debate incorporating all communities, gay or straight.

The mayor of Warsaw yesterday ruled out evicting the former customers using police force due to the amount of protestors, and has instead consulted the courts.

Mayor Brodowski met with Krystian Legierski, the owner of Le Madame and promised to try to find a solution.

A supporter, Lukasz Palicki told reporters, “We have plenty of food and water, we will not give up.”

“Today, the whole of Poland looks at Le Madame.”