Gay star may be banned from US

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Gay star George Michael could face a ban from entering the US after being cautioned for drugs possession this week.

A US immigration spokesman said the sentence could cause a problem for the former WHAM! front man if he ever wants to travel to America.

The singer was taken into custody at the end of February in London when police arrested him on suspicion of possessing class C drugs and being unfit to drive.

An immigration spokesman told the Daily Mail, ‘We can’t say one way or another without reviewing all the details of the charges. But drug convictions can make things difficult for foreign visitors.’

Michael admitted the incident was his “own stupid fault,” he said: “I was in possession of class C drugs, which is an offence, and I have no complaints about the police, who were professional throughout.”

He has previously been charged with lewd behaviour in the US after a policeman caught him in a Los Angeles toilet in 1998.