Protests against “gay friendly” textbook

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Students and teachers in Apple Valley, California launched a protest yesterday against a law to put a “gay friendly” spin in school books.

The picketers are calling the legislation, currently awaiting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approval, an assault on their ethics and morality.

Renee Biggs, a teacher at Valley Christian, said. “Kids will be taught bisexuality is the norm and have unisex bathrooms.”

The bill, introduced by Senator Sheila Kuehl states educational materials may not reflect adversely upon people based on race, gender, ethnicity or religion.

It would also add lesbian and gay people to California history lessons.

Senator Kuehl told the Daily Press, “I have always appreciated intelligent opposition, but this is really a shame to use children and their families to raise issues that are not even at issue in these bills.

“Whoever is orchestrating this should be ashamed at raising the fears of families for no reason.”