Gay night is only popular “bankrupt” Stringfellows evening, says dancer

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The legendary Stringfellows club will go bankrupt in the next month, a lap dance trainer has claimed.

Dancer BillieGean Finn said the Irish branch of the chain is empty most of the week, and the only busy time is the gay night.

She told the Sunday Mirror, “The girls are not happy because they were told they would earn EUR3,500 a night when they joined the club.

“But instead of making a fortune they are sometimes making EUR100 a night.

“The girls working there are not happy – they are under huge pressure because the management is so strict.

“They are all living in fear of putting on a few pounds -they were ordered not to eat too much over Christmas.”

Ms Finn revealed plans to start her own club, “I am the Queen of Irish lapdancing and could have trebled Stringfellow’s money.

“People who can have a laugh and a joke with the punters that is what keeps them coming back.”

But the owner, Peter Stringfellow denied the claims and said he was “delighted” with the Dublin club.

“It is laughable – in two to three weeks I am going to Dublin to hold a party to celebrate the success of the club.

“We run a night-club that just opened less than three months ago – of course we have had some teething problems.

“But you would have teething problems opening a coffee shop let alone a night-club like Stringfellows.”