Brian Paddick to be first gay London Mayor?

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Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Brian Paddick, may stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the London Mayor elections in 2008, according to reports.

Mr Paddick, 47, the Met’s most senior gay police officer, casually mentioned the possibility of standing for the post at the launch of the Way We Are Now, a collection of essays from gay community members.

He told the Evening Standard, “As a serving policeman I cannot take any active part in politics and I have no plans to do so.

“In any case I haven’t been invited to stand by the Lib-Dems or anyone else.”

“I could apply to retire in November, but my contract lasts another two years, I have no firm intentions but, even if I was asked, I’m not sure I’d take it up,” he said.

The gay charity, Stonewall’s, chief executive Ben Summerskill told, “As many gay people as possible should stand for office, but ultimately they should be judged on their policies.”

Meanwhile, Mr Paddick will not face an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Authority over the dispute regarding the Stockwell tube shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Gay friendly Ken Livingstone, has previously stated he wants to be the London Mayor for the London Olympics. This would mean winning two more terms in 2008 and 2012.