Gay councillor gets most Labour votes in Lambeth

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A gay councillor has received the highest amount of votes for Labour in the Lambeth local elections yesterday.

Mark Bennett, a representative for the Streatham South Ward, got 1,725 votes to gain one of Labour’s 37 seats on the council, therefore removing the ruling Liberal Democrats from office.

Mr Bennett told “I’m particularly proud as an openly gay councillor to have gained the highest Labour vote in Lambeth.

“It was a fantastic result for Labour and reflects a great deal of hard work by committed members from the lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender community.”

He said there were at least half a dozen openly gay Labour councillors in Lambeth.

The councillor is also a member of the Labour Campaign for Lesbian and Gay Rights, he expressed concern at the loss of some Labour councils, “It’s disappointing to see so many Conservative councillors being elected, this is a position which can be recovered and it’s for a borough like Lambeth to lead the way by providing good quality services to all residents whilst promoting equality of race, age, gender and sexuality.”

Gay former Lib Dem councillor Charles Anglin, called the result “bizarre,” he told Labour ran an extraordinarily negative campaign, they told lies about policies, themselves and us.”

The London Borough of Lambeth is now led by the Labour Party with 37 seats, ahead of the Liberal Democrats with 17 and the Conservative Party with 6 seats.