Canadian band release gay marriage song

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Canadian indie-pop band The Habit has a message for Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, don’t make Canadians fight for their right to marry, again.

The Habit has summed up their challenge to Mr Harper in the song Fighter, which they are releasing today in an internet-exclusive launch.

With lyrics like “Never said don’t do this with your life / with your wife / that’s not right”, Fighter is a cri-de-coeur for the government to respect people’s right to love and commit to whoever they want.

Mr Harper has vowed to open up another parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage rights, even though Canada’s Parliament already voted to recognize same-sex marriage in July 2005.

“The right to marry is about equality for all Canadians. It’s a human rights issue. Why is Stephen Harper putting it back up for debate?” The Habit’s Darren Rogers said.

“Canada could be leading the way for other countries on this issue; instead, Harper is trying to pull the country back. We’re asking him not to.”

“Fighter is about the frustration of being told you can’t be who you are,” said Mr Rogers.