Canadian Parliament gets gay award

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

For the fourth edition of the National Day Against Homophobia, scheduled for May 17 2006, Fondation Emergence, the spearhead behind this event, is honouring those members of Canadian Parliament who voted in favour of the Civil Marriage Act as defenders of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The 158 members of the House of Commons and the 47 senators who voted in favour of the Civil Marriage Act, which was assented last July, will be honoured for their clear contribution to the official approval of gays and lesbians’ legal equality and to the fight against homophobia.

A major supporter of the Bill, Laurier LaPierre, a retired senator and himself a gay man, will act as representative on behalf of his member of parliament colleagues at the 2006 Fight Against Homophobia Award Ceremony.

The Fondation Emergence instituted this annual award to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of one or more persons in the fight against homophobia. Over the past few years, the Award has been given to Janette Bertrand (2003), Father Raymond Gravel (2004), and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, posthumously (2005).

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