George Michael turns drug scandal to new single

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Gay star George Michael is looking to turn his recent drugs shame into song after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing Class C drugs last February when a member of the public found him collapsed at the wheel of his car in Hyde Park, London, in February.

The singer was given a police caution and released a statement stating it was “my own stupid fault as usual,” and promising he would not make a song out of it, referring to his single Outside, which was made after he propositioned a police officer in a Los Angeles public toilet.

However, appearing on Heart 106.2, he told the presenter, Emma B, he has written a new single, An Easier Affair.

“Literally this track came to me the day after I realised what a huge deal the whole business about Hyde Park Corner was.

“I was getting such a kicking, I suddenly woke up and was like, ‘yes, I’ve got an idea’.

“I’m thinking of giving the police part of my publishing, actually.

“My life is very extreme in certain ways so it’s much easier to write about things that might have some kind of resonance.”

He also referred to a three car collision last month which he was alleged to have caused, “This is like the sixth or seventh time they’ve tried to indicate there’s something terribly wrong and my career is over, but it’s not and I’m totally used to that now.

“If all it takes to get on the front pages is to hit a parked car… if I wanted the publicity, my God, I could have the publicity.

“Let’s be honest, the only thing in the world that matters any more in terms of turning an audience off, in terms of Europe at least, if you forget about Right-wing America, unless you’re a murderer, rapist or paedophile you’ll probably get over it, whatever it is.

“And I’m none of those things so they can take potshots, people want to read this rubbish.”

Tickets for his first tour in 15 years sold out in two hours last month. The artist will play 14 14 dates around the UK from September 2006.

An Easier Affair is released on June 26 2006 and can be downloaded from June 19 2006.