Transvestite joins Big Brother

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A transvestite has joined the Big Brother house long with a model, to replace gay Muslim Shahbaz, and Dawn who was told to leave after breaking the rules of the reality show last week.

The two new housemates were won last night in a Meal or No Meal task, when Aisleyne, a 27 year old promotions girl, and Sam, an 18 year old Indonesian transvestite, were revealed as the prizes.

For the past three days, the housemates have been taking part in a task competing to win their luxury shopping list worth £500. However, unbeknownst to the housemates, last night’s game instead gave them the chance to win two new additions to the house.

In four boxes outside in the garden were some toilet roll and miscellaneous household goods, a speedboat and two new housemates, but with no clue as to the contents of each box.

Pete was responsible for answering the four questions about the ‘Meal Or No Meal’ task to win the bonus prizes. Glyn remained outside opening the boxes in the garden, while the remaining housemates watched live via the plasma screen in the living room. In total, the housemates won toilet rolls and other miscellaneous household items , followed by both new housemates Aisleyne and Sam. Pete failed to win the speedboat prize.

Sam, a nail technician, is fluent in Malay, Indonesian and French as he is half Indonesian and half Scottish. He was born in Indonesia and grew up there for seven years before moving to Scotland. He left school at 16 and began working after a short time at college.

Sam loves shopping and once spent £495 on a Louis Vuitton handbag. He also loves bingo. It usually takes him three hours to get ready for a night out due to his extensive beauty regime. In spite of this, he thinks that being a woman would be fun as the hair, make-up and clothes “are so much nicer”.

He describes himself as fun, lively, caring, accepting and non-judgmental. He says he has strong opinions, especially about sexuality discrimination, animal cruelty and corrupt governments, particularly those in Southeast Asia. He says that sex is “an everyday fantasy”. He idolizes Oprah Winfrey and would love to have met Diana, Princess of Wales.

Transvestite joins Big Brother

Only child, Aisleyne dreams of one day becoming a famous pop star and describes herself as an “independent, sexy, and trustworthy” person who is “straight to the point.” She admits “I don’t like weak minded people, then again, I don’t like people who take my shine either.”

She claims the things that make her most angry in life are when she can’t get her hair straight and people who are attention seekers, sly, loud and disrespectful. Aisleyne admits that her best features are her legs and reveals that although her friends think she is a dead ringer for Sharon Stone, she thinks she looks like a bimbo who is actually “a rude girl who doesn’t take any sh*t.”

Aisleyne, who owns a cat called Princess, reveals that her worst promotions job so far was being dressed as a footballer in Essex with children jumping on her every 10 minutes. Her worst habits include not washing up straight away, straightening her hair too much, and spending all her money on shoes and clothes and she thinks her housemates will nominate her because they will be jealous of her, but also because she can be a bit bossy at times.

The two new housemates are still eligible to win the £100,000 Big Brother prize money but are exempt from this week’s round of nominations, to take place on Tuesday 30 May, and will not face eviction on Friday 2 June.

The new housemates have been asked by Big Brother not to reveal anything to the housemates about the outside world and not to talk to them about anything they may already have seen or know about them. They were asked by Big Brother to pretend they have been in hiding for the past three weeks.

There is still another place available in the Big Brother house for anyone who wins a Golden Ticket hidden in bars of Kit Kats. Tickets can be claimed until Friday 2 June 2006 at 1020pm

Meanwhile George chose to leave the house this afternoon.